Thursday, May 23, 2013

Black dress Irina Shayk at Cannes Film Festival

169346380FB00450_All_Is_LosCould be present at the Cannes Film Festival, France is a pride for the celebrities

. Therefore, they are competing to be the center of attention while walking the red carpet the annual film festival.

Unlike the Grammy Awards and Academy Awards, Cannes Film Festival did not make the rules for the appearance of the guests. The free celebrity chooses to wear clothes. No wonder, when many celebrities who expose parts of their bodies in the most intimate there.

Supermodel Irina Shayk is the girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo who also went on to become the center of attention when it stepped on the premiere of ‘All Is Lost’, on Wednesday (22/05/2013).

Models from Russia was seen wearing a black dress with a very low cleavage that show off the breast. Not only that, gown, Irina also dreamy.

Irina was showing off her beautiful face with no make-up overload. With hair down, she looks more sexy with a polished lip colored lipstick pink.


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