Monday, March 25, 2013

Si gatal di kenderaan awam


 XiaoHuang's sister-in-law says she caught this man on video behaving suspiciously on the train.

He had positioned himself extremely close behind this woman and appears to have been behaving inappropriately.
The STOMPer wrote:
"If you are taking the MRT on the East-West Line every morning, beware of this person.
"I’m writing on behalf of my sister-in-law.
"She encountered this person before (in Aug 2011) and also noticed him a couple of times boarding at Aljunied MRT station.
"Just a few days back she managed to capture the following video, but she was afraid to confront him.
"What to look out for: It seems that he takes the morning train between 7.40am - 8.15am.
"He boards the train at Aljunied MRT and alights at City Hall.
"He seems to always be wearing a pink T-shirt and pants.
"If there are any guys who happen to see this person in action, please help. Thank you."

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